Friday, May 27, 2011

Follower Gadget

(Edit... it appears to now be back it working order!  So feel free to become a follower :)

So, it appears that just when I finally start my blog, blogspot has a minor issue...  The follower button in my side bar is not working, which is making it not possible to quickly follow my blog through your Google account.  It appears that this is an issue many other blogs are having and blogspot is working to fix it.  The joys of technology.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon so you can easily follow Noble and Free!
If any of my blogger friends have been able to fix this, do let me know!

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

And so this begins.

Hello friends, old and new.

Welcome to the first official post of Noble and Free.

I have considered starting a blog for such a long time, going back and forth on the necessity of it.  The blog world is so vast and many are filled with such unnecessary information.  I have no desire to simply add to the pointless and endless internet resources.

But, I have a desire to share, to connect and to prayerfully encourage.  God has blessed me beyond words and revealed Himself in such amazing ways, though I know it is just a small step in this endless journey.  And so, through this blog I plan to share both the joys and struggles of my life, and the beauty in the simple things of life.  I also will be posting my "finds": quotes, stories, pictures, videos and whatever else might inspire me.
I am just a normal girl who, through Christ, has a been made new and is being refined daily.  He has put the desire in me to document and share it through this blog.  I will seek to be real, honest and authentic in my sharing.  I pray this blog is not about me, but only a vessel of God's glory.

I am planning posts for the near future; the reason behind my blog name, my new adventure {Ellerslie Leadership Training} which is about to start (and which pushed me to finally begin this blog!), and more.  This blog design is just a first draft, so things will likely be changed around, including a real header :).  So be expecting more soon!

I'm excited to begin sharing!
Blessings in Christ Alone.

~Lydia Frances

(and... I will love any feedback and thoughts from my readers ;-)