Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's been a while...

-The Ellerslie Summer 2011 "Delta" Semester-

Well well, I have been so terrible at blogging this summer and I am so sorry for that!  I finally start a blog with the intention of sharing my summer with you all and then blog only once while at Ellerslie... the summer was just far to full!  But I am now back home in Texas and I plan to regularly blog (but I must not make any promises :).

Ellerslie Leadership Training was amazing, but the summer was not about Ellerslie and learning.  It was all about Jesus.  More and more Jesus.  I love Him like never before and desire to continually press deeper in knowing Him and thus living a life poured out for His glory.  Every day I was challenged to die to my self and live entirely for the almighty King and His Kingdom.  I understand more fully the beauty and peace of depending completely on God in every area of life.
It is very hard to know where to even begin with sharing all that I experienced and learned this summer, but I look forward to sharing bits and pieces in the following days on this blog.

 An incredible sunset after a day of prayer, the colors are real!

My last sunrise at Ellerslie included gorgeous fog over the fields.

For now I must end because I am about to head out on a beach vacation with my family!  But be expecting more posts, including a post with lots of pictures!!

To God alone be the glory,